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Seller spotlight

Jairus Madison

eBay Top-Rated Seller
Member Since: 2005
Country: Indonesia
Main Products: Collectible bank notes

Jairus' eBay Story

  • Jairus was already an avid banknote and antique collector when a friend introduced him to eBay in 2005. He quickly found it a great place to buy and sell nearly everything.
  • When PayPal was launched in Indonesia in 2007, making receiving payments easier, Jairus first thought was, "I'd like to sell something!
  • He started off selling banknotes from his personal collection but was soon sourcing banknotes from dealers to be sold on eBay.

Product Sourcing

  • Jairus chose to sell banknotes as there are banknotes from every part of the world along with a large number of collectors who specialize in various segments – in other words large supply and large demand.
  • At the same time, banknotes are considered a good investment and there is the challenge of sourcing for rare notes that are highly valued by collectors.
  • Moreover, banknotes can easily be shipped internationally.

Key Challenge

  • Jairus built his reputation as a trustworthy seller by providing the best possible customer service.

Keys to Success

  • His key to not only overcoming this challenge but being a successful seller is to provide the best possible customer service.
  • For example, he helps his customers track their packages and updates them if there are any delays or if they need to pick up the shipment from the post office.
  • His honesty coupled with his personalized service has enabled him to compete effectively with larger sellers who offer wider product choices at lower prices.