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Seller spotlight

Ponpoj Theinpradita

eBay Top-Rated Seller
Member Since: 2000
Country: Indonesia
Main Products: Gold and pearl jewellery

Ponpoj's eBay Story

  • Selling gems and precious stones runs in the family for Ponpoj. His grandfather and then father have for decades owned a jewelry shop in Chanthaburi Province.
  • When Ponpoj was first exposed to eBay while studying in Melbourne, Australia, he immediately recognizedits potential for his family's business.
  • Upon his return to Thailand, he used eBay to give his family's small, local company an instant global resence. Overnight, the business gained access to huge markets of new buyers, especially in the US.
  • Over the years, Ponpoj's eBay business has grown significantly. In 2009, he received the Outstanding Sales Award for being eBay's top seller in Thailand, grossing over US$1 million in sales that year.

Keys to Success

  • Ponpoj ranks presenting products accurately through honest descriptions and realistic photographs askey to earning buyers' trust.
  • For Ponpoj, being a trustworthy seller has generated many return customers who are valuable to his business in the long run.