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Seller spotlight

Orawin Nantasen (Poon)

Southeast Asian Seller
Member Since: 2007
Country: Thailand
Main Products: Fashion Accessories, Silk Products, Home Décor

Poon's eBay Story

  • Once a successful corporate executive, Poon left the business world to spend more time with her family. 
  • She began exploring the possibility of running an e-business on eBay as it would mean being able to work from home.
  • She listed her first items on eBay in 2007. Instead of making a huge initial investment, she started by testing the market with a wide range of fashion accessories.
  • Over time, she learnt what products sold well, while also improving her photography skills and the listings she created. 
  • The fashion accessories as well as premium hand-made silk products and home décor items she now sells are very popular among international buyers, drawing customers from the US, UK, Australia and Canada.
  • eBay currently generates a 5-figure monthly income for Poon.

Keys to Success

  • Poon believes in cashing in at the right time by stocking seasonal items during celebrations such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  • For Poon, her credibility as a seller is very important. To her, buyers need added assurance to purchase from sellers whom they have never met. 
  • Apart from ensuring she always delivers on her product promises, she also constantly communicates with her customers.