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Member Since: 2011
Country: Malaysia
Main Products: Designer shoes and bags

Lewré's eBay Story

  • Started in 1987 by its founder Malaysia-born Lewré Lew, it is now an internationally recognized shoe brand in 14 countries worldwide.
  • In 1995, Lewré shoes were recognised by world famous shoe connoisseur, Jimmy Choo who invited Lewré to join London Fashion Week.
  • Demand for Lewré designs has grown so much over the years that today 60% of its annual revenue come from overseas.
  • To further its overseas expansion, Lewré opened its first online store on eBay through the eBay for Business program in 2010 which provides free consultation and selling support.

Key Challenge

  • The path to global success in the fashion industry is rather arduous for any Asian company. 

Keys to Success

  • Lewré emphasizes quality with style and comfort because he believes that these values are the ones that customers will remember and endear themselves to his brand.
  • Through eBay, Lewré can instantly connect to millions of online buyers, gaining greater exposure and establishing it as an international fashion brand.


  • Founder Lewré Lew had 10 years of experience and exposure in the international market as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) before establishing his brand.
  • 100 new products are released every month worldwide and are mainly produced in Malaysia. This allows better control over workmanship, materials and quality.