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When can I revise an invoice? How can I send a revised invoice to my buyer?


At any time after your listing ends and before the buyer completes Checkout, you can send your buyer an invoice. You can also send your buyer a revised invoice if they have purchased more items from you.

You can send a revised invoice to your buyer if the buyer has previously checked out, but for which no payment was received. If you send a revised invoice, the buyer will need to check out again to complete the transaction.

To send a revised invoice:
1. Click the "My eBay" tab at the top of most eBay pages.

2. Login to eBay with your User ID and password. Your My eBay page will be displayed.

3. Under "My eBay Views", click the “Sold” link in the “All Selling” section.

4. Select "Send Invoice" from the pull-down menu.

5. Select the items for which you would like to send an invoice.

6. Specify details such as shipping and handling, insurance, tax and available payment methods.

7. Click Send Invoice.


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