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2013 Spring* Seller Release!

Updates coming this spring will help you cash in, starting with new everyday fee plans
that virtually eliminate the basic upfront cost of selling for all sellers.

  • US Site Update  
  • UK Site Update  
  • DE Site Update  
  • AU Site Update  

New everyday fee plans—pick the one that’s right for you

  • Free listings with eBay Stores: Starting May 1, get up to 2,500 FREE listings* per monthwith your eBay Storessubscription.Final value fees will be simplified to 5 competitive category-based rates starting at just 4%.
  • Standard fees (no Stores subscription): Starting April 16, your 50 free listings*per month can be listed auction-style or fixed price.. Pay just one flat 10% final value fee—only when your item sells.

New seller protections

Other updates to boost your efficiency and sales

  • Business policies: In late June, all sellers will be automatically opted in to the easy new way to define your shipping, return, and payment policies. Next year this will be the standard way to define your policies so get started now!
  • Picture quality: High quality pictures are key to getting your items sold, and your listings optimized for mobile buyers and the new personalized home page. Picture quality requirements announced last year will be enforced starting in July—be sure your pictures comply.
  • Same day handling: If you routinely shipthe same day you get the order, starting in late May, you’ll be able to specify same business day handling to highlight this benefit to buyers.
  • Category updates: As always, eBay categories are updated to evolve the shopping experience and help interested buyers find your items.Category updates may also impact your fees. Check the updates coming in April and May to see if your categories are affected.


Other news andupdates to help you sell more