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Sample Successes

Seller Service Concept
  • Ready buyers: Reach 100 million new customers, most of which are in the US, UK and Europe.
  • Higher Selling price: Products fetch higher prices in developed markets.
  • Growing demand: In 2009, US$60 billion worth of merchandise was sold on eBay.

Sell Your Product On eBay

Clothing,Shoes & Accessories
Looking for where to sell clothing, shoes, handbags and dresses to the world? There's simply no better place than eBay. Here's why you should grow your bottom line with us.
Jewellery, Gems & Watches
Want to give your local Jewellery company an instant global resence? Here's how eBay can help your profits flourish:
Here's why you should harness the power of eBay to bring the latest MP3 players, laptops and other amazing gadgets to an even wider audience.
Part & Accessories
With eBay Motors consistently ranked the No. 1 automotive site according to ComScore (December 2010), here's why you should race your way to greater sales with us.
Home & Garden
Here's how eBay can help you sell appliances, home and garden products and make your business and profits flourish.
Outstanding Sales Award
Honors the seller from each country who achieved the highest sales in 2009.
Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Award
Honors the high-volume seller from country who achieved the smallest low Detailed Seller Rating percentage in 2009.