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Step 1: Getting Ready - Do your research & sign up for eBay

(To keep eBay safe, you'll be asked to verify your account by entering your credit card details.)

Step 2: Start listing your items

  • Select the appropriate eBay site and category to list your it ems for sale.
  • Describe your item in detail and include good photos.
  • Select your payment and shipping options.
  • Payments: Only pre-approved electronic payment methods such as PayPal are permitted on eBay.
  • Shipping: Offer several shipping options with tracking and clearly indicate shipping times.

Step 3: Confirm your identity

If you're selling internationally, once you've created your listing, you'll be asked to confirm your identity (this step is required before items can be listed for sale).

For users residing in South East Asia:
You can choose your preferred way to confirm your identity:
  • (1) Using Bank Account
  • (2) Using Credit Card
  • (3) Contact Customer Service Team

*Please note that this step is not required for domestic sellers. For domestic sellers, you can directly submit your listing and sell your item. The listing you create will be stored for 30 days so you'll be able to complete your listing and start selling in just a few easy clicks.

Step 4: Completing the sale

Receive payment and post your item.

Remember: Use a shipping service which provides tracking to give you and your buyer more protection. You can also upload the tracking information to the eBay system on certain eBay sites.

Provide excellent customer service and prompt follow-up to buyer inquiries.