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Shipping Costs

Choice of a postal service depends on its charges for shipping, its reputation, its speed of delivery and any extra services it might provide. With our eBay, how to ship guidelines, and the online shipping calculators available on the websites of the different shipping providers, it's now easy to calculate shipping costs and to find out everything you need to know about how to ship to your buyers on eBay. You should also invest in a good weighing scale to know the weight of packages you will be posting out.

See logistics providers contact details. 

Delivery Speed

Some buyers might want their item fast while some don't mind waiting. Offer various postage options to cater to different requirements and budgets.

Local postage services usually have Express, Fast or Normal deliveries.

When delivering worldwide, give buyers the choice of Express Air, Normal Air or Surface mail.

Communicating Shipping Costs in Listings

Buyers need to know shipping costs upfront as it affects the total sale value of the item they want to buy. By clearly reflecting shipping costs in your listings you minimize time spent answering email enquiries and enable buyers to purchase wisely.

TIP: Did you know you rank higher in Best Match searches when you offer free or low shipping? Plus, on many eBay sites, buyers can now also sort results by Price+Shipping.

Managing Buyers Expectations

Pack items with care, especially if they are high value or fragile. Some easy things you can do:

  • Include cushioning such as bubble packs or Styrofoam peanuts so items don't break in transit.
  • Waterproof items by sealing them in plastic.
  • Extra insurance can be discussed with buyers.

TIP: Including a Thank You note is a nice personal touch. Buyers would appreciate it and be more likely to shop with you again!

Packing & Labels

Don't dawdle in your trips to the Post Office. It's all part of maintaining Buyer Satisfaction. To save time, door-to-door pick up can be arranged with your postal service.

Timely Delivery of Parcel

Make it as easy as possible for buyers to pay. Hint: include PayPal. 80% of eBay sellers in Asia get paid for items sold internationally with PayPal.

Register or Not?

Accidents happen, and parcels might get lost in transit. Let's cover our bases by paying extra for Registered Mail, especially if item is of high value or fragile. It is all about peace of mind.