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Communicating with Buyers on Shipping

Shipping Basics

  • Shipping Costs

    Choice of a postal service depends on its charges for shipping, its reputation, its speed of delivery and any extra services it might provide.
  • Timely Delivery

    To save time, door-to-door pick up can be arranged with your postal service.
  • Delivery Speed

    Some buyers might want their item fast while some don't mind waiting. Offer various postage options to cater to different requirements and budgets.
  • Packing & Labels

    Avoid packaging with reflective materials. E.g. Glossy boxes, Scotch Tape, etc. Labels should be placed on the top side of the package with largest surface.

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  • Increase Sales with Shipping

    Shipping costs are part of the total costs buyers pay for items. Many buyers see it as an additional cost, but there are ways you can use shipping as an advantage and even to up your sales.
  • International Customs & Duties

    Delivering worldwide has its headaches, as every country has its own unique mix of Custom Fees, Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST), and other taxes and duties.
  • Shipping Best Practices

    Buyers should have a clear choice, and the right expectations for delivery. For sellers this means reduced shipping-related questions and better shipping DSRs. Incorporating these best practices from list to ship.
  • Delivering to the World

    Delivering to the World can get a little bit more complicated as there are more variables involved. Here's what's important to bear in mind, when delivering internationally.