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ePAC is a new shipping service by eBay, Singapore Post (SingPost) and United States Postal Service (USPS) that provides enhanced international tracking and delivery of lightweight goods (under 2 kg) shipped by eBay Singapore sellers from Singapore to the US. By using ePAC, the estimated delivery time is 6 to 8 working days only.

A seamless shipping tool by eBay, accessible at APAC Shipping Tool homepage or ePAC shipping tool page , allows eBay Singapore sellers to automatically synchronize US buyers’ order data, facilitate business management, track status of shipments as well as download and print shipping labels, including the address of the sender and customs documents.

Upon receipt of package, SingPost will upload package data and input into the eBay database as well as provide package tracking information services.

Faster delivery

For ePAC, USPS will use its First Class mail network within the US. Clearance will be done by the world's leading EMI electronic customs clearance system to ensure quick and accurate delivery of packages to the right destinations.

SingPost shipping services

Product Type Registered Small Packet ePAC US SpeedPost Non-Document
Estimated Delivery Standards 8-10 working days 6-8 working days 2-4 working days
Weight Limitation ≤ 2kg ≤ 2kg ≤ 30kg
Acceptance at Retail Yes For eBay sellers only Yes
Pricing for a 300grams package (Retail) $13.10 $13.90* $67.95
Online Tracking Statuses No Online tracking/ Statuses from USPS wef 1 Aug 2013 3 to 6 statuses Full tracking
Compensation Up to $68 No Compensation Up to $150

* This promotion is valid only from Jul 26 2013 to Oct 31 2013. Price after discount. 

Better service

With an advanced built-in business management platform, SingPost and eBay are able to have efficient data exchange, making it possible for sellers to self-print necessary documents. A large number of packages can also be processed, preventing errors and saving time.

ePAC registration for each package provides tracking services during shipment, and the shipping information will be automatically submitted to eBay to facilitate the buyer checking package status.

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