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Tracking Shipments with Thailand Post
New: Improved International
Registered Service

Introducing Thailand Post’s improved tracking service for shipments sent using international registered airmail and parcels.

Previously, registering an international shipment only provided a sender with delivery confirmation when an item arrived at its destination. Now, each shipment’s status can be tracked online from the time it leaves Bangkok’s Suvannabhumi Airport and the tracking information can serve as proof of shipment in PayPal Seller Protection dispute cases.

The shipment process becomes more transparent to your buyers.

  Within Thailand  
  Find out when a shipment has left Thailand from the International Registered Service website  
  Continue tracking a shipment’s status from the various destination countries’ postal service websites.  

Start sending your items using registered mail for a low registration fee. Then enter the shipment’s barcode number at the International Registered Service website to find out the date your shipment left Bangkok and its country of destination.


Express Delivery with EMS World
For express delivery, use Thailand Post’s EMS World service. Ship items worldwide in the fastest, most reliable way and easily track each shipment, end-to-end, online.
Why Use Tracking Information
  Providing your buyers with tracking details of their shipments goes a long way towards ensuring every transaction is completed smoothly:  
Buyers have
peace of mind
because they can check the status of their shipments, which helps you improve your Shipping & Handling Time DSR.
Saves you time as you won’t have to answer questions from buyers about where their item is.
Helps resolve disputes
if a buyer claims they didn’t receive an item as you can prove that
an item was sent.
proof of shipment
for unauthorized payment and chargeback claims with PayPal Seller Protection.
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