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Buyers' Frequently Asked Questions about the eBay Money Back Guarantee Policy

I am not an US/UK buyer, is my purchase on eBay.com & eBay.co.uk covered?

Yes, all buyers who purchase on eBay.com & eBay.co.uk can open a claim and go through the resolutions process pursuant to the eBay Money Back Guarantee Policy on eBay.com & eBay.co.uk.

Can I still open a claim after initiating a dispute on PayPal?

No. In filing a claim pursuant to eBay Money Back Guarantee, you must not have initiated another form of resolution processing, including a credit card chargeback (if you paid by credit card) or a PayPal Buyer Protection claim (if you paid by PayPal).

How do the eBay and PayPal resolution systems interact?

The eBay Resolution process is the primary avenue for settling issues with on-eBay transactions. However, buyers will still have the option to continue with the PayPal system instead, similar to how they would be able to file a chargeback if they paid using a credit card. Once a buyer selects a system—eBay or PayPal—they are required to use that system for the duration of the case.

Here are the basic principles behind how eBay manages dispute resolution between eBay, PayPal and chargebacks:

  • eBay Resolution is the primary avenue for settling issues with eBay transactions
  • In the event a case is re-reviewed, there can be no double consequences for sellers, and no double refunds for buyers
  • Chargebacks override all other disputes

I didn't receive my item. When should I contact eBay?

Try contacting the seller for package tracking information or a reason why delivery is delayed. If the estimated delivery date has passed and you haven't received a reply from the seller, go to the eBay Resolution Centre.

The item I received is wrong, damaged, or different from the seller's description. When should I contact eBay?

First contact the seller. The seller may be willing to offer a refund or exchange within 45 days of payment. If you're not able to work things out with the seller, you can reach eBay for support by going to the eBay Resolution Centre.

I'm not sure if my item qualifies as wrong, damaged, or "Not as described.

Some examples of what would be covered:

  • You received a completely different item. For example, you purchased a book and received a DVD.
  • The condition of the item is wrong. For example, the listing said "new" and the item has clearly been used.
  • The item is missing parts or components (e.g., camera kit was supposed to include a tripod, but you didn't receive it.)
  • Item defective during first use: The first time you tried to use the product, it didn't work (e.g., HDTV did not turn on).
  • The item is a different version or edition than the item displayed in the listing.
  • The item was described as authentic but isn't.
  • The item is missing major parts or features, and this was not disclosed in the listing.
  • You purchased three items from a seller but only received two.
  • The item was damaged during shipment.

Some examples of what wouldn't be covered:

  • The defect in the item was correctly described by the seller.
  • The item was accurately described but you didn't want it after you received it.
  • The item was accurately described but didn't meet your expectations.
  • The item has minor scratches and was listed as used.
  • You filed a claim due to buyer remorse rather than due to a genuine dispute.

How do I contact eBay for support?

If your purchase meets the requirements above, you can contact eBay for support by opening a claim through the eBay Resolution Centre. In some cases, eBay may ask you for documents or third-party evaluations to support your claim.

How much of my purchase is covered?

If we agree your purchase is eligible, we'll reimburse you via PayPal (as described above), for the full purchase price of the item plus original shipping costs. If you're opening a claim because the item you received does not match the description, you may be asked to pay for return shipping.

What if I do not have a PayPal account to receive reimbursements from eBay?

Buyers without a PayPal account will be asked to create one with their eBay registered email address to claim the refund. Full details on PayPal accounts can be found in the PayPal User Agreement that applies to your PayPal account. If, in the unlikely event we are unable to send refunds to a PayPal account, we may provide refunds in another form, including a voucher redeemable for purchases on eBay. Refunds will not be made in any other manner.

What happens after I open a claim?

You'll receive a confirmation email when you open a claim. We may contact you for more information. We may also try to reach the seller to encourage him or her to work directly with you to resolve the problem.

If you didn't receive your item:

First, try contacting the seller directly. You should receive an explanation, online tracking information, or a delivery estimate from your seller within 3 days. If the seller hasn't responded to you within that time, you can file a claim under eBay Money Back Guarantee, and eBay may refund you directly. The process for obtaining a refund is described in the eBay Money Back Guarantee Policy.

If your item was different from the listing description:

We compare your claim that the item was not as described to what was actually in the seller's eBay listing. Accordingly, sellers should describe their items clearly, accurately, and consistently. There should also be pictures clearly showing the condition of the item and any defects.

Depending on how your complaint matches what was in the listing, we may:

  • Tell you that the item was described clearly, accurately, and dismiss the claim.
  • Accept the claim and ask you to return the item to the seller. Once the item is returned, we will provide a refund.
  • Accept the claim, but not require you to return the item to the seller (for example, if you obtain manufacturer's or law enforcement certification that the item was in fact not authentic). In these cases, eBay will refund you directly.

How do I cancel an open case?

To cancel an open case, just login to your case through eBay Resolution Centre and select the option to "close my case" or you.

What purchases are excluded from eBay Money Back Guarantee?

eBay Money Back Guarantee doesn't cover services and certain categories of goods, false, abusive or illegitimate claims, or purchases where you have been or may be compensated by another third party. The following purchases are excluded:

items that violate our Prohibited or Restricted Items Policy;

  • intangible goods;
  • custom made items;
  • airline flight tickets;
  • eBay classified style listings;
  • items prohibited or restricted by eBay;
  • licences;
  • access to digital content,
  • anything that's equivalent to cash (including retail gift cards); and
  • items listed or that should be listed (under our listing policy) in these categories are also not covered:
    • Businesses for sale
    • Specialty services
    • Gift certificates
    • Motors (except "Parts and Accessories")
    • Real Estate
    • Classified Ads
  • Items eligible for protection under eBay's Business Equipment Purchase Protection.
  • Items purchased on ebay.half.com

Fraudulent charges to a credit card or a PayPal account are also not covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee Policy. If you notice any charge on your PayPal account that you did not authorise, report this in the PayPal Resolution Centre. Fraudulent charges made through your credit card should be resolved with your credit card company.