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eBay Money Back Guarantee Overview

eBay is introducing an updated and expanded Buyer Protection for when buyers claim an item was not received or the item they received was different than described in the listing.

The expanded eBay Money Back Guarantee is designed to:

  • Help buyers and sellers resolve disputes in fewer steps, and provide buyers with a more familiar ecommerce resolution experience.
  • Offer an option to contact eBay if buyers and sellers can't reach resolution themselves. We'll take a more active role in ensuring transaction problems are resolved.
  • Keep most of the same definitions and policies that PayPal uses to resolve "item not received" and "item not as described" disputes.

The eBay Money Back Guarantee brings about a new process intended to be a process that is more efficient, with fewer steps and a quicker time frame. It also manages the interaction between buyers and sellers differently. In the new process, direct communication between buyers and sellers will continue to be strongly encouraged. However, in the event this doesn't work, buyers and sellers will also have the option to contact eBay. We'll be taking a more active role in ensuring transaction problems are resolved.

In some cases when we determine the seller was not responsible, we may refund the buyer at our own expense.

Gradually, similar eBay Money Back Guarantee will be introduced on other sites of eBay. The scope of eBay Money Back Guarantee may vary from site to site and you are advised to review the details of theeBay Money Back Guarantee, the policy and process on each eBay site before you list. We will also update the information on these pages from time to time for your reference. All sellers must follow the eBay Buyer Protection on the site they list or transact.

The eBay Money Back Guarantee applicable to each eBay site will become the primary avenue for buyers and sellers to resolve eBay transaction issues. You can find more information on these eBay Money Back Guarantee Pages or from the relevant eBay site.

Failure to follow and comply with the eBay Money Back Guarantee may result in a range of actions including:

  • A decision may be made by eBay against you in respect of a claim. In that case, eBay may refund the buyer for an eligible claim and require sellers to reimburse eBay for the refund
  • Restriction or suspension of your account
  • Limit on account privileges
  • Loss of PowerSeller or Top-rated Seller status and associated fee discounts

The New eBay Resolutions Process for eBay.com and eBay.co.uk

This information is important if you have received e-mail notification of a problem of a buyer who has purchased from you on the ebay.com or ebay.co.uk site.

A new eBay dispute resolutions process has been introduced for buyers who purchase on the ebay.com and ebay.co.uk sites.  This process applies when buyers claim an item was not received or was not as described in the listing.   The policies relating to the two sites differ in certain areas and we recommend that you familiarise yourself with both. US eBay Buyer Protection Policy : http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/buyer-protection.html

UK eBay Buyer Protection Policy : http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/buyer-protection.htmlThe new eBay resolution system for items purchased on eBay.com and eBay.co.uk will serve as the primary resource for buyers who are unable to resolve disputes with sellers, including sellers not registered on eBay.co.uk or eBay.com.  As a seller who is not registered on eBay.com or eBay.co.uk, you will be notified of new eBay cases via e-mail. 

Buyers purchasing from sites other that eBay.com and eBay.co.uk will continue to use the existing resolutions process on their site.

You may also continue to receive resolution cases through the existing PayPal Resolution Centre, while buyers are moved over to the new eBay process. 

Also, claims for unauthorized payments made via PayPal will continue to be managed in the PayPal Security Centre. 

If you list items on ebay.com or ebay.co.uk, even though you are registered on a different site, this process could affect you.  This section gives an overview of the new process and what you need to do as a seller. 

This process will also apply to you, whether  you list items on eBay.co.uk or eBay.com or on other eBay sites, as long as you choose to list your items for sale internationally and/or otherwise offer to make your products available, sell or ship to buyers in the US and UK and buyers can hence make claims under the eBay Buyer Protection Policy on eBay.co.uk or eBay.com .


If a buyer has a problem with an item they have bought from you on or through eBay.com or eBay.co.uk, then they can contact eBay if they have not been successful in resolving it directly with you. The problem may be that they did not receive the item they bought  or that it was not as described in the listing.   A case may then be filed (Please note that in the eBay.co.uk policy, these are "Significantly Not As Described" or SNAD cases.  In the eBay.com policy, these are "item not as described" cases.).  Once the case is filed, we will notify you by email. 

What you need to do

Working Things out with the Buyer
You can respond to the case raised against you by logging into the site where you sold the item – ebay.com or ebay.co.uk.  Log into the site where the buyer purchased the item, and follow the instructions. These instructions will be in English.  If you sold the item to a buyer on ebay.co.uk, you will have 10 days  to respond to the buyer before further steps are taken. If you sold the item to a buyer on ebay.com, then it will be 7 days.


After the end of the 7 or 10 day period, if no response is made to the buyer or if either you or the buyer escalates the case, then eBay will review the case.  We may either find in favour of you, the seller, or we may find in favour of the buyer.

Finding for the Buyer

If we find in favour of the buyer, then we will refund the buyer for the transaction.  As we pay money out to the buyer where a claim is covered, we will seek to recover the money from you.

Seller Reimbursement to eBay

We require eBay sellers to comply with our resolution process. Sellers permit us to make a final decision, in our sole discretion, on any claim that a buyer files with eBay under the eBay Buyer Protection Policy. If we resolve a dispute in the buyer's favor, we will refund the buyer for the cost of the item and the original shipping, and we will require the seller to reimburse us for the refund. Without limiting the foregoing, sellers may not have to pay a reimbursement for an eBay claim if they provide the documentation (for example, Delivery Confirmation or proof that the item was as described) indicated in relevant policy and requirements.  Other requirements for reimbursements from sellers:

  • Sellers must have a reimbursement method on file with eBay.
  • For transactions paid with PayPal, sellers agree to allow us to remove funds from their PayPal accounts to reimburse buyers. Sellers may change this reimbursement method by contacting eBay.
  • Where there are insufficient funds in PayPal accounts, transactions are not paid with PayPal, or where PayPal is not the reimbursement method of a seller, we will require another reimbursement method.

For future claims where a determination is made against the seller, we will notify the seller and continue to charge the sellers preferred method for any reimbursements made under the eBay Money Back Guarantee Policy. Changing a reimbursement method will not affect eBay's use of a payment method on file for other purposes (such as payment of eBay fees). If sellers do not provide eBay with a valid reimbursement method, we may collect amounts owed using other collection mechanisms, including retaining collection agencies. We may also suspend or restrict sellers from trading on our sites until payment is made.

Consequences of non payment of Buyer Refunds to eBay

Where a seller fails to comply with the eBay Money Back Guarantee policy, eBay may also:

  • remove any special status associated with the account (including, without limitation, PowerSeller and eBay Top-Rated Seller status);
  • reduce or eliminate any discounts received by the seller;
  • decrease visibility of the seller's listings in search results;
  • place certain requirements regarding payment options offered by the seller and potential holds on payments made through PayPal; or
  • restrict or suspend the seller's account.

How to contact CS

If you have questions on the process or your specific case, please contact Customer Service in the usual way.


If a case is closed in the buyer's favor,  a seller may appeal the decision by providing the appropriate documentation and contact Customer Service If the decision is reversed, the seller will be refunded the reimbursement amount back to the original reimbursement method.If needed, they will direct your appeal to the eBay.co.uk or eBay.com Customer Service teams.

Below, you'll find more information about the topics relating to this new process on eBay.co.uk and eBay.com:


  • Because buyers can submit claims through eBay and PayPal, watch for incoming emails from eBay about resolution issues, and continue to monitor the existing PayPal Resolution Centre. 
  • If you receive an email from eBay resolutions about one of your transactions, act promptly.  You can find these emails in the My Messages section of the site, and on the email account you have on file with us.
  • Use postage services that provide delivery confirmation and where required, signature confirmation, and upload tracking information into My eBay.
  • Clearly describe the items you're selling and explicitly highlight any flaws, so that buyers understand exactly what they will receive. Use descriptive text and include enough pictures to capture the true condition of the item.