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Seller spotlight

Tan Wei Ling

Southeast Asian Top Seller
Member Since: 2002
Country: Malaysia
Main Products: Plus sized fashion apparel

Wei Ling's eBay Story

  • Wei Ling first started selling on eBay as a way of getting rid of her old stuff.
  • Her previous job as a consultant required a lot of travel. So when her ex-employer decided to relocate outside Malaysia, she decided not to move with them and start something of her own instead.
  • Selling on eBay seemed a viable option, giving her the freedom to be her own boss and have more work-life balance as well.

Product Sourcing

  • As Wei Ling's husband is Australian she knew eBay Australia was a very active site with high demand for a variety of merchandise.
  • When deciding what to sell, fashion seemed the natural choice as she had worked in the clothing business previously.
  • During one of their trips to Australia, her husband chanced upon the idea of selling plus size apparel as the selection available in shops there was unattractive and limited.
  • Wei Ling had found her niche and it wasn't long before her eBay business, Pretty Curve, took off.
  • With the help from a friend who runs a clothing factory in China she was able to produce exclusive designs for larger, curvier women in limited quantities.

Key Challenge

  • Wei Ling's initial challenge was creating attractive plus size apparel. She had to experiment with styles, colors, materials and pricing to achieve her current winning formula.

Keys to Success

  • The credibility Wei Ling has built up over time is reaping rich dividends. When her reputation scores crossed the 1,000 mark, business really picked up.
  • Her high reputation scores can be attributed to her willingness to go the extra mile to make buyers happy.
  • To Wei Ling, having the right shipping partner can make or break an eBay business. Using a reliable, yet reasonably priced shipping service greatly reduces the number of unsatisfied customers.