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Deutsche Post DHL strike
2015-07-16 17:39:30

 The Deutsche Post DHL strike has ended in the early hours of Tuesday, 7th July 2015. The German Post DHL is working very hard to process the backlog of parcels as soon as possible but it still may take several days for deliveries to get back on track. 


Please see our tips for smooth transactions between buyers and sellers:-


Information for buyers:

To check if there are any delays in your shipment, search for the postal code in Deutsche Post. Please be aware of the special circumstances of these affected sellers


Notes for sellers: 

1. Use shipping options with tracking. Download the tracking codes and send the tracking codes to the respective buyers. 

2. If you ship with German Post/DHL, please direct the buyer’s attention to the postal code so that they can determine if their parcels will be delayed. 


eBay Seller Protection: This covers all eBay sellers whose parcels are affected by the German Post DHL mail strike. All Shipping delay defects which are caused by the strike, starting from the 8th June 2015, will not affect your seller standard as these defects will be removed automatically from Seller standard evaluation for the July 2015 cycle. 


Best regards,
Your eBay Team