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Seller Standards/Dashboard Reminder
2016-01-22 15:17:07
 One month until the new, more objective seller standards take effect: See where you stand from your redesigned seller dashboard

Sellers, we want to remind you that, as announced in the Fall Seller Update, our new, simplified seller performance standards will take effect starting February 20, 2016. These new standards come as the direct result of your feedback and a desire for a set of performance measures that are easier to manage and not based on opinions. And we’re excited to say that these new standards are simpler, more objective, and truly reflective of your level of service.

Be sure to visit your redesigned seller dashboard regularly for the latest insight into your performance, transactions, and on-time shipping information. Check your dashboard anytime to:
  • See where you stand with the new, intuitive interface—and take action when you need to
  • Download detailed, easy-to-understand reports on your transaction defect rate
  • Check your late shipment rate and download a detailed report to understand any issues
We encourage you to get the complete details about our new seller standards—including best practices and frequently asked questions—from our Seller Center. And, as always, we thank you for selling on eBay.