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Communication is key to successful customer relations

Proactively communicating throughout the transaction gives your buyers confidence and sets expectations about when the item will arrive. Plus, it can head off questions from buyers for additional information.

Be aware of the downside of not communicating! If you don't respond, respond very slowly or send responses that don't answer the buyer's question, you may get lower DSR scores.


  • Communicate throughout the entire transaction: Some of the most important
    communication points in a transaction include:
    • Buyer wins an auction or buys the item—Seller Best Practice: Confirm the purchase and send the payment information
    • Buyer pays for an item—Seller Best Practice: Thank the buyer for the payment and indicate when the item will be shipped
    • Item is shipped—Seller Best Practice: Let the buyer know the item has been shipped by marking it as shipped in My eBay or by providing tracking information
    • Item is delivered—Seller Best Practice: Follow up with your buyer to ensure their satisfaction with a friendly reminder to leave feedback

  • Streamline your communications to reduce cost: : Buyers (and potential buyers) often send emails requesting information, and they expect timely and professional responses to their inquiries. Although responding properly is time consuming, the result is more sales and higher DSR scores for you—so it's worth it. Use these strategies to make your communications as efficient as possible:
    • Use My Messages to communicate with buyers and potential buyers. Communication between members should be kept on eBay. Messages sent using My Messages are tracked, which helps with dispute resolutionBuyer wins an auction or buys the item—Seller Best Practice: Confirm the purchase and send the payment information
    • Buyer paysB foo Be clear about international response times. Mention that it may take a little longer to respond to buyers in different time zones. Use the Time Zone Converter to help customers gauge your business day
    • Include answers to frequently asked questions in your listings to head off routine inquiries. You can also set up a self-service knowledge base.
    • Take advantage of eBay's Automated Answers which answer the top questions buyers ask—before they click the "Ask a question" link. You're automatically opted into this useful feature. Put it to work for you by specifying all applicable fields in the Sell Your Item form (including item condition, return policy, handling time, etc.) and even customizing the answers for your specific products and policies.
    • Keep all of your contact information up to date. Also, check that any spam-blocking software you have installed doesn't limit a buyer from communicating with you.
    • Read about more best practices on answering buyers' questions.

  • Send product photos to your buyers' My Messages inbox: You can send attachments to other users' My Messages inboxes with a few limitations:
    • You're only allowed to send photos in .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png file formats
    • The total message size must be less than 2MB

To send an email with an attachment to another user's My Messages, follow these steps:

1. Go to the email inbox where you receive copies of My Messages emails. (This is the email account that is associated with your eBay account.)
2. Locate the email in which the buyer has requested additional pictures. You must do this from within your personal email program - not your My Messages inbox on the eBay site. It is not possible to attach pictures to an email inside My Messages.
3. Respond to the email, attaching the requested images. The buyer's reply-to email address will be a "members.ebay.com" address.
4. The email will be sent to the buyer's My Messages inbox.

Please note that your buyer won't be able to open the attachments within My Messages. Instead, they'll need to save the pictures to their hard drive and open them there.

End the transaction on a good note:
It's important to keep communicating even after the buyer has paid—buyers will base the DSRs they leave on the entire transaction.

Make sure to leave feedback for your buyer. Leaving feedback after receiving payment provides another opportunity to connect with buyers and gives assurance that you have their best interests in mind. In doing so, buyers will be more likely to leave feedback for you.