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Shipping Best Practices

What to do if your item didn't sell

Didn't sell the first time? Don't worry. Even the most successful sellers don't close the deal every time. Just relist. If your auction-style or buy-it-now relisting sells, it's FREE! * It's a great way to learn which changes make the difference for you.

Relist recommendations
Address the main reasons why some listings don't sell and increase your chances by considering:

  • Lower your overall price
    Buyers add shipping and item costs together, so a competitive combination can make or break the sale. Do a search for similar items—both currently for sale and completed listings—to get an idea of pricing and shipping costs.

    • Lower the starting price in your auction-style listing
      A low opening bid with no reserve can jump start bidding and actually increase your final selling price. Set your start price based on the prices and demand you see in your research, and no lower than the lowest price you're willing to take.

    • Specify reasonable shipping costs
      Reasonable shipping and handling is essential for smart selling, so price as competitively as possible. Consider free shipping which can give you an extra visibility in search results if you are comfortable covering actual ship costs. Or consider offering calculated shipping which lets buyers see the cost specific to their zip code.

  • Add Buy It Now to your auction-style listing
    Add a Buy It Now price to entice buyers who may not want to wait for the auction to close and sell your item faster! Your Buy It Now price must be at least 10% higher than the auction start price.

  • Add Best Offer to your fixed price listing
    Are buyers browsing, but not buying? Add Best Offer to sell more—at the price you want. You're in total control, and you can automatically accept, reject, or make counter-offers to ensure you negotiate the price that's right for you. This option is available to sellers with a minimum feedback requirement.

  • Add more pictures to your listing
    A picture really is worth a thousand words. Add more well-lit photos from a variety of angles, including shots of packaging or flaws (if any), to give prospective buyers a better sense of what your item is really like. Get photo tips, including a gem of a 2-minute video.

  • Add relevant information to your listing title
    Your item title is your advertisement, so make sure to use relevant, descriptive keywords that buyers are likely to search for and that clearly convey what you are selling. Search for similar items in completed listings and notice the keywords used in successfully sold listings. Consider including brand, product type, size, year, condition, etc. and other important details.

  • Add more details to your listing description
    Anticipate any questions your buyer might have and write a concise, easy to read description with a bulleted list that calls out key details, including dimensions. Be honest and mention flaws, if any. Include comparable retail price or MSRP if new; if pre-owned describe the condition and history to add a personal touch. Fill out item specifics when available in the listing form. Make sure you have the correct product details when using our catalog.

  • If your shipping was local pickup only, over $100, or freight try listing on eBay Classifieds
    eBay Classifieds is a free and friendly way to sell locally. Copy your ended eBay listing into eBay Classifieds quickly and easily.

The most important thing is don't give up, instead relist and learn. Selling on eBay is such a great way to get cash for splurges. Practice a little so you can harness the power of 90 million eBay visitors to profit while you declutter.

* In many cases, your first relisting is free when your auction-style relisting sells. Get more details.