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International Site Visibility

Another way to expand your sales beyond eBay.com is using the International Site Visibility feature. This feature enables listings created on eBay US or UK to also appear on the other country’s site at the same time. New buyers on the additional eBay site will see your listings exactly as they were created on your original site.

Why Use International Site Visibility?

Research shows that using the International Site Visibility feature significantly increases the page views of a listing, which then translates into a higher conversion rate.

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Average Page Views per Listing without International Site Visibility Average Page Views per Listing Using International Site Visibility % of Increase
17.0 32.6 92%

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Normal Conversion Rate Conversion Rate of Listings Using International Site Visibility % of Increase
30% 42% 40%

Statistics are based on data collected from Southeast Asian sellers selling on eBay.com from January to June 2010.This means you can experience an increase in sales of up to 40% just by using this feature.

International Site Visibility Requirements

The International Site Visibility feature is available to sellers who:

  • Have a verified PayPal account linked to their seller account.
  • Offer PayPal as a payment option.
  • Have a Feedback score of more than 10.
  • Offer shipping to the US, UK, Europe or Worldwide.

To use the feature, your listing must also meet all applicable country policies.

When you sell on a new site, it’s important to maintain a high level of buyer satisfaction as your performance on each eBay site affects your overall standing as a seller.

Make sure you understand the current seller standard requirements and how you can improve your standards.

Guide to Using the International Site Visibility Feature

When listing a new item, you can access the International Site Visibility feature from the Sell Your Item form, as well as tools such as Turbo Lister, Merchantrun and Auctiva. Alternatively, you can add the feature to existing listings or when relisting items using the Bulk Editor in My eBay.

Below is a step-by-step guide to using the feature in the Sell Your Item Form and Bulk Editor.

Sell Your Item Form

1、When creating a listing that qualifies, the International Site Visibility Feature will be offered on the Review Your Listing page of the Sell Your Item form.

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2、Select the checkbox for the additional country siteyou’d like your listing to appear on.

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1、On the Active listings page in My eBay, select the checkbox of listings you’d like to change, then click the Edit button.

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2、Under Additional Listing Information, select theInternational Site Visibility checkbox.

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3、In the Select Edit Method section choose Edit listings in bulk.

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Please note: We are currently working to resolve some technical difficulties with the Bulk Editor. If you encounter issues when using the editor, please try again later. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Start using the International Site Visibility feature now to increase your exposure in more eBay sites and boost your sales.

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