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Why Sell on Multiple sites?

A common misconception many sellers have when they want to sell overseas is that when an item is listed on eBay.com the item automatically appears on other eBay sites as well. However, if you want to sell international, the truth is items need to be listed separately in each country site for you to reach the buyers there.

Why Sell on Multiple eBay sites?

Sell International

This means, you have an opportunity to sell overseas and grow your market reach and sales by just listing existing merchandise in online selling websites like eBay.com.au andeBay.co.uk, as well as other sites around Europe.

Research shows that expanding your eBay business into multiple country online selling websites will help you to sell international and can grow your revenue by between 20 – 40%*.

eBay has online selling websites worldwide

Recommended Sites

  • Increase profits as the Australian Dollar has been steadily strengthening against most Southeast Asian currencies.
  • Save on fees, depending on your item and the selling format you use.
  • Save on shipping costs and time as Australia is closer to Southeast Asia.
  • Reach an additional 5.79 million potential buyers every month.
  • Enjoy higher profit margins as the Pound is about 50% stronger than the US Dollar.
  • UK online retailers are confident that sales will grow over the next year with many expecting profit margins to increase as well**.
  • Reach an additional 17 million potential buyers every month.
  • Fetch potentially higher average selling prices as Southeast Asian products are less readily available.
  • Enjoy higher profit margins as the Euro is about 30% stronger than then US Dollar.

* Based on data collected from selected Southeast Asian top sellers between January and December 2009.
** eBay’s survey of 705 online retailers from the UK in January 2010 showed that 54% expect sales to increase over the next year, while 70% looked forward to profit margins increasing or staying the same.

eBay.com.au eBay.co.uk

Other European Sites ( Non - English Speaking )

eBay.de eBay.fr eBay.it eBay.es

How to Sell Effectively in Multiple eBay Sites

Use Different eBay IDs :


Manage Your Inventory :


Combine Invoices :

Use a different eBay ID for each site so you get to enjoy the eBay store discounts each site offers.   Make sure you always have sufficient merchandise to fulfill orders from across all the sites you list on.  

If you run eBay Stores on multiple sites, take care when invoicing customers who buy several items from different sites.

  • For example, if a customer bought one item from eBay.com and another from eBay.com.au, you’ ll need to bill the customer in only one currency.
  • To avoid confusion, it’s best to use different eBay IDs for each country site so you can issue separate invoice for each site in its local currency.