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eBay Sales Maximizer 

Increase your sales with the help of eBay Sales Maximizer. Get started today!


  • Increase sales
    Offer smart promotions to encourage multiple purchases into a single order.
  • Get exposure
    Promote marked down or special priced items as part of a sale or increase item exposure of offer eligible items in the Cross-sell module on the item page and on the new offer shopping page.
  • Lower shipping costs
    Lower shipping costs and increase profit margins for consolidated orders.


  • Listings need to have immediate payment enabled. Learn more.
  • Listings must be eligible for Shopping Cart. Learn more.

eBay Sales Maximizer Overview

With eBay Sales Maximizer you can set up 3 types of offers

1. Volume Offers to encourage buyers to spend more or add more items to their orders with a discount
Example offers:

  • Save $10 when you spend $100 or more.
  • Save 20% when you spend $100 or more.
  • Buy 3, get 1 of the items free.
  • Buy 1, get 1 at 50% off.

2. Related items offers to cross-sell additional related items (such as accessories) by providing an incentive offer
Example offers:

  • Buy a camera, get 10% off select accessories.
  • Buy a TV, get $25 off a Blu-Ray player.
  • Buy ink cartridges with your printer at no extra cost

3. Sale event offers to automatically merchandise reduced or special priced items on a "Sale page"
Example offers:

  • Save up to 30% on all women's Prada shoes.
  • Save up to 75% on all men's suits.
  • Save up to 40% on Star Wars Lego sets.

3. Conditional Free Shipping offers to automatically merchandise items that qualify for a promotional free shipping offer
Example offers:

  • Free shipping on orders over $100.
  • Free shipping on orders over $50 on at least 2 qualifying items.
  • Free shipping when you buy at least 3 qualifying items.


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