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Seller Dashboard

Your Seller Dashboard in My eBay helps you monitor your progress as a seller, maintain excellent customer service, and keep your account in good standing. It's available to all sellers who have received 10 or more detailed seller ratings (DSRs) within the last 12 months.

Understanding Seller Dashboard

The summary provides a quick overview of your performance and the levels you’ve earned in 5 specific categories. For example, the Performance section might show that you are a Top-rated seller and the PowerSeller level section might show that you are a Titanium-level PowerSeller.

See your personalised Seller Dashboard

The highest performance rating is Top-rated seller. As a Top-rated seller, you receive a badge that buyers can see in your listings and in your Feedback Profile. You can also see your badge on the seller performance detail page.

PowerSeller levels include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium depending on the number of items you've sold or the dollar amount of your sales.

There will be an alert icon  if your current seller performance standing, such as Top-rated seller status, is at risk. 

You'll also see an error icon  if your performance is below standard. Customer service issues are the usual reasons a seller is rated as below standard. If your performance is below standard, your search visibility will be lower and you may also face selling limit.

Your Seller performance page

Click the Performance status button in the Summary box to see your Seller performance page.

The chart on the Seller performance page shows you:

  • Whether your seller performance is Top-rated, above standard, or below standard
  • Links to view your status in the countries that have the Top-rated seller program
  • A table that shows your current performance and your last evaluation by average rating and percentage of low DSRs (1s and 2s), and the required performance level
  • Information on eBay Buyer Protection cases that are opened (cases your buyers opened in the eBay or PayPal Resolution Centre that pass checks for buyer abuse or fraud) or closed without seller resolution (cases closed without your response or resolution)
  • A link to view your 12-month trending data

Read More About How To See Your Seller Performance in Seller Dashboard

The main Seller Dashboard page also displays your detailed seller ratings chart. Use the bar chart to find how buyers rated you in each of these areas:

  • Item as described
  • Communication
  • Shipping time
  • Shipping and handling charges

The detailed seller ratings chart also shows:

  • Your 3-month, 12-month and 30-day average in each category
  • Your percentage of low ratings (1s and 2s) in each category for the time period you select
  • A link to see your detailed seller ratings reports
  • Your 12-month average if you've had fewer than 400 transactions over the previous 3 calendar months

For 3-month and 12-month periods, detailed seller ratings include:

  • Only transactions with buyers on that eBay site. For example, with U.S. buyers for ratings for U.S. sellers
  • Repeat transactions from the same buyer; separate transactions are counted separately
For the most updated requirements released by eBay, please refer to the following pages.

Your scores for opened cases and closed cases without seller resolution

The number of eBay Buyer Protection cases—cases opened for items not received or items not matching the listing description—is an important indicator of seller performance. Many buyers who open cases never reach a point where they leave Feedback or detailed seller ratings.

  • An opened case is any case opened in the eBay or PayPal Resolution Centre that passes checks for eligibility.

    Any case that is escalated and found in your favor will not count toward your seller performance requirements.

    Cases are dated according to the transaction date rather than when the case is opened. Safeguards are in place to prevent your seller status being changed by a single buyer.

  • closed case without seller resolution is any case in which the seller does not respond and resolve an issue with the buyer, and eBay or PayPal issues a refund.

    You can track your opened cases and closed cases without seller resolution in the Seller Dashboard. Click the See cases link to get specific information about and take action on cases that might affect your seller status. You can also track all your eBay Buyer Protection cases in the Resolution Centre.

Seller limits

Most sellers have limits on the number and total dollar value of the items they sell. These limits may be based on:

  • Previous sales volume
  • Feedback, detailed seller ratings, and history of eBay Buyer Protection cases
  • The types of items being sold. Certain electronic and fashion items are limited.

You can learn more about limits on seller activity.

The Seller Dashboard helps you know what your limits are and how close you are to them. Under the Monthly selling limitssection, you'll see the maximum number of items you can sell per month as well as the maximum dollar value of sales per month (limited by whichever comes first). You'll also see a monthly summary of your selling activity that tells you the number and dollar value of items that have been sold, are currently listed, and can still be sold. Items that are listed but not yet sold count toward your limits.

You'll see a red alert at the bottom of the Monthly selling limits section once you've reached a limit, letting you know you won't be able to sell more items in the current month. If your seller performance is good, you may be able to increase your limits.

Deatailed Seller Ratings Reports

To generate reports of your detailed seller ratings, click the See your reports link in the detailed seller ratings chart.Detailed seller ratings reports help give you more information about your customer service. Run reports regularly (such as bi-weekly or monthly) to see how your ratings are affected by your buyer's location, the categories you sell in, your shipping services, and other factors. 

From the Your detailed seller reports page you can create and view reports:

  • Click the Create report button to run a report.
  • After you create a report, it appears in Your saved reports. Here you can view, run, or delete reports. Reports are saved for 15 months.

Types of reports

Buyer location:
See if you get higher or lower detailed seller ratings in:

  • A specific country
  • Your own country versus other countries
  • A specific country versus all your ratings for the report time period

Example: Run a monthly buyer location report to see how your buyers in Canada are rating your performance.


Find out whether you get higher or lower detailed seller ratings in one or more categories. You can compare the ratings you get for transactions in certain categories to all your ratings for the report time period.

Example: Run a report of all your women's clothing transactions to see if buyers in those categories are giving you higher or lower ratings.


Date range:
Find out your overall ratings during a specific time period.

Example: Run a report of all your March 2010 transactions to measure your ratings for that month. Then run a report of all your April 2010 transactions to see if your ratings are improving.

Item numbers:
Check your ratings for a specific list of transactions that use the same template.

Example: To see if a new listing template or layout is helping you get higher ratings, run a report of all the item numbers from listings that used that new template or layout.


See how your shipping method or service affects your detailed seller ratings.

Example: To see if offering multiple shipping options is helping you get higher ratings, run a monthly report that compares the ratings you got from transactions with multiple shipping options versus all your ratings for that report time period. You can also see how a specific domestic or international shipping service compares to all your ratings for that report time period.


Top-rated seller program:
Check your ratings for a specific region's Top-rated seller program (U.S., UK and Ireland, or Germany).

Example: To see just the ratings that qualify you as a Top-rated seller in the United States, run a U.S. Top-rated seller program ratings report.

Dates in Detailed Seller Ratings Reports

In some of the reports, you need to select a date range. Choose the start and end date for your report by entering a date or selecting a date from the calendar. You can run reports as far back as 60 days.
Select from the drop-down menu to define your date range as:

  • Transaction dates (when the transaction ended)
  • Listing dates (when you listed the item)

Example: If you made changes to your listing on a specific date, select listing dates to get a report that might show you if those changes affected your ratings.

In some reports, you'll see a comparison to your average ratings. This average is based on the ratings you received during the date range of the report.

Example: If you run a report for March 1 through 15, your average ratings are based on those you received during that time.

Note: It's against eBay policy to question buyers about the ratings they left. It's also against policy to use these reports to interfere with the anonymity of detailed seller ratings. For more information, read the Feedback manipulation policy.

Qualifying for Discounts

As a Top-rated seller or PowerSeller, you can earn discounts on your monthly final value fees. Check the Discount section of the Seller Dashboard to see if you qualify and what you can do to become eligible for discounts.

The final value fee credit for Top-rated sellers is 20%.

The final value fee credit for an above standard rating is 5%.

The maximum discount is 20% even if you have achieved both Top-rated and Power Seller status

Top-Rates Seller and Powerseller Benefits

This summary section of the Dashboard shows your current status and provides details that tell you whether you're meetingPowerSeller or Top-rated seller requirements. Benefits for maintaining a high level of performance and policy compliance include:

For PowerSellers:

  • Priority customer service
  • Discount on final value fees
  • Unpaid item protection

Learn more about PowerSeller benefits.

For Top-rated sellers:

  • Priority customer service
  • 20% discount on final value fees
  • Unpaid item protection
  • Expanded seller protection from PayPal
  • A badge on listing pages 
  • Increased visibility for fixed price listings in Best Match search results

Checking Your Policy Compliance

Know the rules for sellers, and find out if there are any eBay policy violations that might affect your selling, or other situations that need your immediate attention. Also see what you can do to avoid having restrictions placed on your account. The policy compliance summary rates how well you are following eBay rules and policies in your selling and alerts you to any account or listing policy violations.

When you receive a high policy compliance rating, you are generally selling in line with eBay policies.

If you receive a low rating, then you have violated one or more eBay policies.

Click the Policy compliance button to find out:

  • What policies you have violated
  • Possible restrictions resulting from violations
  • Steps you need to take to correct violations
  • The length of time the violation will remain on your account (if available)
  • Links to specific policies to help you understand them and avoid violations in the future

Important: If you violate certain high-severity policies, such as shill bidding, Feedback manipulation, or counterfeiting, your account can receive limits without warning even if you have a high policy compliance rating. See eBay's rules for sellers andpolicies for guidelines to help create a safe, fair, and enjoyable trading environment for all eBay members. Understanding and following eBay's rules will help you avoid limits on your account due to policy violations.

Checking Your Account Status

Check this part of the Seller Dashboard for a quick reminder of your account status or to view or pay your current invoice. This page also provides alerts and links to manage any problems with your account.