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Seller Performance Standard

Buyers are interested in you because of the items that you sell. Ensuring item quality is the first step to your success on eBay.Here are some tips to help you maintain good item quality and ensure good buyer experience:

  • Make sure all your items are in good working condition
  • Be aware of the defect of the items and inform your buyers clearly by pointing out the defect in item description and photos
  • Make sure you see and examine the items yourself, and are clear about the details and functions of the items. Accurately describe details in item description
  • Secure a stable & reliable item source – in terms of availability, price, quality & authenticity
  • Make sure you have the knowledge to judge authenticity of items, especially for branded items
  • Items are not in violation of any copyrights
  • Be informed and inform your buyers with sufficient lead time when items are out-of-stock
  • If you use stock photos, make sure your items look exactly the same as the photos

There are things you can't sell on eBay...

Apart from ensuring item quality, you should be aware that there are items you are not allowed to sell on eBay. Failure to comply with our prohibited and restricted items policy will result in listings being removed from eBay, and limits on seller activity, including account suspension.

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