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Communicationg with Buyers on Shipping

Your listing should stand on its own, and provide all the relevant information for a Buyer to purchase confidently. Information about shipping should be clear and obvious. Many a times, misunderstandings arise from poor communication.

Shipping Checklist(Use where appropriate)

Good communication starts with detailed information within your listings about your sale item, including shipping, delivery costs and schedules. The types of shipping options you can offer will give your buyers flexibility to choose their preference. Some shipping options and conditions are:

Standard Shipping Costs

Options of Postal Method (e.g. Surface or Air)

Shipping Dispatch Times

Options of Shipping Speed (e.g. Priority or Normal)

Options of Postal/Courier Companies and their corresponding Costs

Return Policy, Replacement Policy

Combined Shipping

Registered Shipping/Shipping with Insurance

Shipping Discounts/Free Shipping/Flat Fee Shipping


Always clarify with your Buyer when in doubt over anything. Communication is key to achieving great Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs), and good Buyer Experience.

Tips for Communicating about Shipping

Set realistic expectations
For example, give time allowance for customs clearance, etc.

Itemize shipping costs
As all the costs in the checklist above can add up to quite a sum, it's important to allow your buyers to see how the costs break down.

Create an FAQ
This saves time on your end in addressing common questions buyers might have.

Try to formulate your own Smart FAQs to save time on answering individual buyers' questions.

Learn more (English only).

Notify Buyers when you mail an item
Email your buyers when your parcel has been dispatched so they are aware and assured of their delivery.

Explain business hours
Selling internationally means operating in different time zones. Letting your buyers know your business and customer service hours would allow them to adjust their expectations accordingly.

Follow up
A simple courtesy note after expected delivery shows great service.

Always be courteous and professional
Let's face it, there will be problems. Resolve the problems as calmly and politely as you can, especially when we know the buyer is always right! Above all else, show that you care.