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Checklist for Good Sellers

Here’s a summary of how to become a good seller:

Item As Described

  • Avoid stock-outs. One of the worse buyer experiences is learning an item is out-of-stock just after making a purchase.
  • Test your products to avoid defective items.
  • Write an accurate, complete item description.
  • Include as many Item Specifics as possible.
  • Specify your item condition in your title and using Item Specifics.
  • Always list your item in a relevant category or categories.
  • Use clear photos from many angles to showcase your item.


  • Communicate at every stage of the transaction – sale, payment, shipping and post-sale.
  • Streamline communications using FAQ answers in your listings to reduce enquiries.
  • Tell buyers how to reach you and how quickly to expect a response.
  • Leave Feedback for buyers right after receiving payment to assure them you have their best interests in mind.

Shipping Time

  • Ship as soon as possible after receiving payment. 1-day handling is recommended.
  • Manage buyers’ expectation by including key shipping details in your listings:
    • Specify shipping services and delivery times
    • Specify handling times (how soon you ship after shipment)
    • Explain customs, duties and tax responsibilities clearly
  • Offer shipping services that provide tracking

Shipping & Handling Charges

  • Provide clear details about shipping and handling charges in your listing.
  • Offer various shipping services - buyers can choose to pay more for fast shipping or save on a slower option.
  • Offer discounts for shipping multiple items together.
  • Offer free shipping - your listing may get more exposure in search results and it makes buyers happy.
  • Don't use shipping and handling charges as a way of making more money from buyers.
  • Take advantage of discounts from various shipping services exclusively for eBay members.