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Shipping Best Practices for International Sellers

Buyers should have a clear choice, and the right expectations for delivery. For sellers this means reduced shipping-related questions and better shipping DSRs. Incorporating these best practices from list to ship.

Offering Buyers A Choice Of Shipping Services

We recommend that sellers should offer a choice of shipping services for different requirements and budgets provides a better shopping experience. Some factors to keep in mind when selecting which shipping providers to use for your business include:

  • Shipping cost
  • Shipping time
  • Tracking service
  • Proof of delivery
  • Coverage for loss or damage

To help you make your selection, here are some shipping providers in your country.

Specify Shipping Costs

All sellers are required to specify shipping costs.  Most international sellers use flat shipping costs to specify shipping costs in your listing:

Using flat shipping costs

When you select 'Flat' it's the same cost to all buyers, enabling you to decide the shipping costs and services to use. You can then enter flat costs for U.S. and international shipping.

Offer Combined Shipping Discounts

The Combined Shipping Discounts feature gives you added flexibility when offering discounts for multiple item purchases. Drive additional sales by setting flexible discount rules customized by you for your business needs.

To set up shipping discounts:

  • In My eBay, click the Site Preferences link in the Account section.
  • Click the Show link to the right of the Shipping Preferences section.
  • Click the first Edit link.
  • Click the Create or Edit links under the shipping discount rules to add rules or make changes.

Consider Shipping Within 1 Business Day

Boost buyer confidence that they'll receive the item quickly. Indicate in your listing that your quick handling time will encourage buyers to purchase from you instead of another seller with longer delivery times.

Consider Shipping With A Time Definite Delivery Service

Boost buyer confidence by being able to tell them the specific date they can expect their package. Buyer's benefit from knowing when their item will arrive and you benefit with on-time delivery backed by an on-time guarantee.

Give Buyers Shipping Time Details

If you are selling cross-border on eBay US and eBay UK, and you use a shipping service from outside buyer’s country, please choose “Other services” on the Sell Your Item form, and your services will still be grouped under the following standard service level terms:

  • Economy
  • Standard
  • Expedited

As always, the estimated delivery displayed to buyers will be the shipping time plus your handling time. For example, if you offer a service with 1-4 day carrier timeframe and you specify a 1-day handling time, buyers will see this option as “ Expedited shipping from outside US” (under “Other services”) with estimated delivery in 2-5 days.

eBay US:

eBay UK:

Consider Offering Free Shipping

Buyer's love free shipping and some buyers will only shop for items that ship free! Plus, by listing your items with free shipping, your listings will be raised in search results and more buyers will see your listing.

In order to have your listing appear with the Free Shipping filter, either select the Free Shipping check box in Sell Your Item or follow these easy steps:

  • In the Shipping section of Sell Your Item, select "Flat: Same cost to all buyers".
  • Select a Shipping Service from the drop down menu. Please note you cannot select "Local delivery/pickup" or "Other (see description)".
  • Enter 0 in the Shipping Cost field.

Consider Lowering Your Shipping Costs

In search results, we give a boost to items that offer free shipping. If your shipping charges are high, your search standing may be lowered. Offering competitive low shipping charges will improve your search results standing. To see how buyers rate your shipping and handling charges and shipping time, look at the detailed seller ratings in your Seller Dashboard.