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New Seller's Selling Limits


Why am I facing the Selling Limit ?

eBay is committed to ensuring a safe and trusted marketplace for all buyers and sellers. This includes ensuring new sellers have the support they need to complete a sale successfully and to ensure a positive experience for both the new seller and their buyer. As such, many sellers will have listing or selling allowances placed on their accounts, until they confirm key personal information or establish a positive selling history.

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Increasing your limits

If you would like us to review your account in order to grant additional selling allowance, please provide us with 2 documents i) Proof of Identity and ii) Proof of Address for verification purposes, then contact our customer service team representatives for seller vetting through the following steps depending on your countries.


Please make sure the ID card, passport or driver's license which you will submit as Proof of Identity is valid and has not expired. For Proof of Address, you can provide your credit card bill, utilities bill or phone bill. The bill must be dated within the past 3 months and must be addressed to you (name as in Proof of Identity submitted) at the address as registered with eBay.


For Sellers

(1) For verification purposes, please scan copies of your i) Proof of Identity and ii) Proof of Address and email to us via :


(2) Please ensure the scanned documents are saved as .jpg or .pdf format.

(3) Email with your eBay ID, Contact Details and telephone number that can be reached.

(4) Please allow 48 to 72 hours for the request to be processed.


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Basic facts for new eBay sellers

Statistics have shown that new sellers who started off by listing a large amount of listings are generally not familiar with online selling strategy, which also includes logistics, after sales service and usually do not thoroughly understand the need of the international customers. These sellers often find it difficult to satisfy the buyers, thus, causing a negative impact on their own seller performance and might even face selling restrictions, cancelled transactions or account shut down.

As a newbie seller, it's important to build a good selling reputation when you first start the business to show that you are capable of managing the shipping and customer services to meet the customer's demands and are ready to expand the business before adding more items to your store..


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Tips on building customer satisfaction and good selling reputation

  • Provide good and accurate product descriptions and use realistic product photos.
  • Specify your shipping method and clearly state the delivery time frame
  • Ready to dispatch the item as soon as the payment is received
  • Keep the customers informed of the shipping status, provide tracking numbers (if available)
  • Use trackable shipping methods
  • Keep updated of the shipping status and inform the buyer immediately should any delay occurs
  • Quickly get back and offer solutions to the customer's questions or problems.

** Selling on eBay is similar to selling on other channels. There are risks of item being damaged or lost, sellers should include this into their factor costing e.g. 2-3% of the price.

Nevertheless, please keep in mind that sellers can't list or do the followings:

  • Sell any type of brand name products
  • Sell unlicensed products
  • Sell items in order to manipulate the feedback
  • Register with incorrect name, last name, address and contact number

Do you know….?

Buyer might have negative buying experience from you when:

  • they leave you Negative or Neutral feedback
  • they give you low DSR score e.g. 1 or 2 stars
  • They open a case in the eBay Buyer Protection or there is an unsolved case.

All of this will be counted as a number of buyer's unsatisfaction towards you, you eBay account might be subjected to restriction or suspension if you have 2-3 unsatisfied buyers per 100 transactions.

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